Generating traffic from Facebook using Image Links

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In this article, I will discuss the power of Facebook and its organic traffic through which you can generate a handsome income if used wisely. Be it your website blog link, video link, Adsterra Direct Link, Monetag direct link or Blogger link. Yes, you read that right, even the blogger post link can get huge amounts of traffic. You will soon get to know the trick. But before that please make sure to share this post to every Whatsapp and Telegram group so that every earning enthusiast can take benefit from it.

Image links are posts that are shared on Facebook and anywhere else. The role of these links is when a user clicks on the image, it will redirect them to the destination URL of the image link.

Image links when posted on pages, groups and comment sections, can bring huge loads of traffic to your destination URL.

For example, you have created an Image Link with the destination URL of Adsterra Direct Link. Now when you will post the link on your Facebook page, groups or even in comments, it will generate traffic to your Adsterra link and in return you will generate income depending on the country traffic you are getting.

How to create Image Links?

Creating an image link is a piece of cake, and absolutely free. Also, you will be able to check the statistics for the clicks you received on the link.

On this website, you can create unlimited image links you want. You can access the website here

How to share the image Link?

When you have received the link from the website that is provided above, you just need to visit Facebook and simply paste the link in the new post. When the image appears, you can remove the link and write your desired text and simply post. You may refer to the video below on how to use it. English captions are available in the video.

Facebook removed the Image link

Many users, may face the challenge when Facebook removes the image link due to community guidelines violation. It depends on the image that you have used, and the destination URL you have used. If the destination was earlier flagged by Facebook, it will again be flagged, If you have used Blogger URL then Facebook doesn’t allow this URL also.

Then how to overcome this challenge. The solution is given in the videos below with English and Hindi audio). You may watch the desired language video.

English Audio

Hindi Audio

I hope you will find this article useful. I’d like to request you guys to use the tools responsibly by following Facebook’s guidelines.

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