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Adsterra vs AdSense

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You must be here because your AdSense approval was rejected and you are looking for an alternative to Adsense for your website monetization. If you are looking to move forward with Adsterra, let us first compare Adsterra vs AdSense.

Adsense vs Adsterra – My opinion

When it comes to Adsense vs Adsterra, Adsense is the clear winner. There is a reason why Adsense is the primary choice for every website owner when it comes to monetization.

However, getting approved is a lot more challenging that any other platform. First of all, they usually take 2 weeks to review the website. If the website is not approved for some reason, you will be wondering about the reasons. Because they just inform you to follow the policies.

When Adsense rejects your monetization request?

You should keep trying your best to get Adsense approval and till then you can monetize with Adsterra.

Adsterra is for small bloggers, they usually pay less compared to Google Adsense but their approval is really fast. Within 2 minutes your site is ready to serve ads.

I have gone through their reviews on major platforms like Trustpilot etc. and they have received mixed reviews and the majority of them are in favour.

Personal Experience with Adsterra

For one of my websites, I was not getting AdSense approval and then I started searching for Adsense alternatives. Found Adsterra in a Google search and checked about Adsense vs Adsterra. After a lot of research, I finally thought to give Adsterra a go. Surprisingly, the website was approved in minutes and they provide me with the code to put into the head section of my website. I followed their instructions. After inserting the code, within 5 minutes ads started to show up on my website.

The maximum CPM (Cost per mile or cost per thousand ads impression), I received was $1.20. I know that is less, but I was checking out their service personally.

How to Withdraw?

Withdrawal is pretty simple, they offer multiple payment options like PayPal, wire transfer, WebMoney, etc. Every gateway has its own minimum withdrawal requirements, for example, PayPal only allows it if you have $100 to withdraw.

Adsense vs Adsterra – Final Verdict

I would like to reiterate, when it comes to Google Adsense, no one is really close. The quality of ads, their strict protocols, and the earning that you can get is top of this world. In simple words, if your website is Adsense-approved then it means your website is high quality. When you will ask me, about Adsense vs Adsterra, I will choose Adsense, anytime.

Remember, the final call is yours.

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